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Man Wah 25th Anniversary: a New Chapter and Share with 7 Billion People Worldwide    2017-03-18

On March 18, 2017, Man Wah Holdings celebrated its 25th Anniversary at Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen during the Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition. The ceremony was celebrated with over 1000 guests nationwide including all the

In the past 25 years, Man Wah Holdings has developed into a global home furnishing company with over 10,000 employees internationally and 1000 retail franchisees in Asia. Its mission is to bring healthy, comfortable, fashionable and value-for-money furniture into families’ homes worldwide. In the future, Man Wah will continue to form strategic alliances and acquisitions with international home furnishing brands. 
Chairman (right five) with Red Star MacallineChairman(Left Two) and Vice Chariman (Left Four), Easy Home Vice Chairman (Left Three), China National Furniture Association and CIFF


Giving Back:

In 1992, Man WahHoldings was founded in Hong Kong and entered Chinese market during economic reform. From ground to more than 7 billion HKD revenue, Man Wah now has sales networks in 100 countries and regions and over 3000 retail points worldwide. In China, there are over 1920 Cheers retail stores with over 200 stores opened in 2016. Cheers has been the best selling recliner sofa since 2010 in China and its sales has increased by 32.8% compared to last year. In North America, Man Wah is the only Chinese company ranked top 10 furniture suppliers.

For 25 years, Man Wah has held high standards in social responsibility. For the company’s employees, the company started programs with Peking and Tsinghua University to send its managers and franchisees for continued education. Senior executives are sent to Harvard, University of Chicago and other world-renowned educational institutions. To environmental protection, Man Wah spent over 150 million RMB installing social panels at all its production plants to reduce carbon footprint. Man Wah has been actively participated in social welfare with a accumulated donation of nearly 100 million RMB.

Global Mergers and Acquisitions

In the future, Man Wah will accelerate its position as a global furniture manufacturer and retailer and expand into various home categories internationally through mergers and acquisitions and the formation of strategic alliances.

In November 2016, Man Wah through investing 420 million HKD successfully acquire a European home furnishing company, Home Group’s 50% share. Home Group has five manufacturing sites in Europe with 2016 sales of nearly 740 million HKD. Since 1994, Home Group and its brand “Fleming” has been selling to more than 20 European countries and regions with 1,200 sales networks. Through the acquisition, Man Wah could use Home Group's production base and sales network to quickly expand into the European market with better and more efficient service to European consumers. At the same time, Man Wah introduced Home Group’s Nordic design products for Chinese consumers with the use of Man Wah’s strong manufacturing and retail presence in China.

Fleming had its official debut in Asia at the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair in March 19, 2017. Chinese consumers are able to enjoy Scandinavian design furniture designed in Europe with affordable price.

Customer Experience Upgrade

In the past 25 years, customer experience has always been the first priority of Man Wah. Behind the scene of each product, Man Wah partnered with Fortune 500 companies, sourced high-quality materials globally and crafted using state of the art manufacturing technology to ensure each product uphold world-class high quality standard.

Standing on a new starting point, Man Wah will continue its high standard in quality and seek for international merger and partnership opportunities to bring modern, quality and value living to consumers worldwide. With five manufacturing plants and own logistics system in China, Man Wah provides retail stores and consumers timely delivery and aftersales service. In 2016, Man Wah has signed Andy Lau as Cheers sofa’s brand ambassador to further its marketing effort to delivery Cheers’ brand value. In 2017, Man Wah will implement “smart retail” system at its retail stores to allow consumers virtual experience of furniture shopping at home. Continued innovation for better consumer shopping experience is the focus of Man Wah in the next chapter.

New Product Introduction: Adjustable Bed

Introducing advanced ergonomic design adjustable bedsystem, Man Wah launched a new sleep systemcollection during Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition. Man Wah partnered with European sleep research center to unveil a bed system with ergonomic design mattress with smart and adjustable bed function. The new product is tailored to user’s body for full relaxation and comfort in bed.

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